About Hospitality Pathways

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This multi-million pound government intervention aims to support the industry at a time when it is needed more than ever.

The project was originally designed to address the existing staff shortages faced by the industry and anticipated to be exacerbated by the drop in EU nationals working in the industry. However, with the effects of the Covid crisis,  putting even more pressure on Employers to become streamlined and resource savvy and industry employees to be more adaptable, skilled and muti-faceted, the project is now more relevant and necessary than ever.

Co-design has been at the heart of the Hospitality Pathways programme and our offer is the result of close collaboration between training specialists and a network of committed industry employers. Based on the needs and barriers which the industry has identified, Hospitality Pathways aims to overhaul, review and rejuvenate the way in which the industry addresses issues of recruitment, retention and training. Finding creative ways of helping Employers, particularly SME’s and micro’s to overcome barriers caused by lack of time and resource and addressing the mismatch between the established qualification and training routes and the real needs of employers.

Hospitality Pathways works on multiple levels and there is no doubt that better trained and prepared staff  (whether that be managers, chefs or administrative staff) are a bonus for any company – to make the offer easy to follow we have divided Hospitality Pathways into 2 easy to follow routes:



Employers to take part in innovative activities aimed at strengthening their workforce and enhancing their company performance.


Employees to receive training and support that will enhance their opportunities for progression.


Employees to undertake training to improve their basic skills


Employees to gain a Level 2 qualification in a skill that will help them progress in their employment.


Employees to gain Level 3 qualifications which will help their career progression.


SME’s with their recruitment, retention and up-skilling of staff.


SME and micro’ Employers and their employees to take part in innovative activities that will benefit the company.