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Anyone who is currently working in hospitality, as well as all the more regular roles in front and back of house, kitchens, hotels etc, this includes customer-facing roles in tourism, recreation and leisure or the wider industry. Along with jobs in allied industries that are often found in hospitality environments – for instance beauty and health, photography, marketing and media, administration, sales and finance. If you aren’t sure whether your current role would be eligible, please just ask!

YES! So long as you are currently employed it doesn’t matter if you are not yet in the industry, so long as you have a real interest in looking at opportunities within the industry. You WILL have to be in employment during your training but it doesn’t matter if this is in your original job and you anticipate moving into a hospitality environment eventually. If this training would help you achieve that, then you are eligible.

While we would encourage you to get your employers support because then they can work with you around course times etc and because increasing your skills will no doubt benefit your employee as well. We do realize that isn’t always possible and that some people may not be comfortable telling their employer they are learning new skills outside of their role. In this case we would still encourage you to enroll and would ask you to provide evidence that you are working at the time of signing up to the programme but we don’t need to contact your employer if you can provide a pay slip and the other relevant information.

Yes, one of the reasons we have a variety of different providers delivering the training is so that we can offer a range of day, evening and weekend courses along with on line and virtual delivery, to suit the needs of those working irregular shifts or with other responsibilities outside of their work commitments. An Advisor will meet with you before you sign up to any course and will work out what would be the most suitable option for you?

There are a wide variety of courses available and we are also open to considering any that you feel would enhance your prospects in the future. Courses do have to be accredited and must be with a recognized awarding body – they must also be level 2 or 3 ( units towards are acceptable). Level 1 qualifications can not be considered. Basic Skills courses can also be accepted.

This will depend on which of the training providers we are working with, you decide is the best suited to your needs.

No you don’t. It is the location of the training centre ( even if you are learning remotely) that is relevant and not your own post code or home address.

No! This training is subsidized by the programme and there is no cost to employer or employee.

Please use our contact page to email us and let us know that you’d like to apply.